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Porcelain Whiteboards

Porcelain Whiteboards are essential items in any school or university. These boards are made from the highest quality materials showcasing a stain and ghosting resistant surface that is also magnetic. Our porcelain whiteboards are extremely durable, coming with a 25-year warranty. Make sure you contact us to organise a bulk discount for your school or university.

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One of our most popular and affordable items, the essential Feltboard is perfect for any educational facility. Whether used in the classroom, office, hallway or lunch area our Felt pinboards are a great way to display information plus they are 100% environmentally friendly!

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BenQ Interactive Panels

Our BenQ Interactive Flats panels are perfect for schools who want to take educating to the next level, giving students a hands-on and captivating learning experience. We recommend a 65″ flat panel the perfect size for all varieties of use with a great germ resistant screen. Make sure you click the link below to get in touch regarding bulk discounts for your order of BenQ Interactive Panels.

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Corporate Mobile Whiteboards

Mobile Whiteboards are so practical and maneuverable, capable of being shared and flipped. You can present a class anywhere with our Corporate Mobile Whiteboard, easy to move and just lock in the castors when you’re ready to present. Definitely one of our most popular products!

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Planner Whiteboards

Keep up to date with one of our Planner Whiteboards, available in one-term, four-term, perpetual year planner plus a music board. Perfect for all educational facilities, easy to get students involved and also a visual diary for milestone events throughout the term or year.

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Ensure your Educational facility has the best equipment now. Don't be afraid to contact us with any queries!

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