How to install your whiteboard


Installing your Whiteboard

  • When installing your whiteboard it is recommended that 2 people assist.
  • Where possible it is recommended that boards are fixed to studs. Whilst this is not necessary for smaller boards, fixing larger boards to studs delivers an improved sturdiness.

Where studs are not available Wall-Mates may be used to provide extra security when fixing your board to the wall.  Wall-Mates are readily available to purchase from hardware stores.

For Standard Framed Whiteboards

  1. Using a tape measure and pencil mark the chosen area for installation. With a level, check markings are straight.
  • Using the pencil, draw a horizontal line to mark the desired height of the bottom of the board from the floor.
  • Then draw a pencil line to represent the top of the board and vertical lines for each edge of your board.
  1. Place your board on the pencil markings so that the bottom edge of the board is positioned on the bottom pencil line, and so each end of the board meets up with your vertical markings.
  2. With your board in position use your pencil to mark the screw positions through the screw holes under the removable corner plugs.
  3. Drill holes in the wall to suit the supplied wall plugs. If using Wall-Mates follow manufacturers’ instructions. Ensure wall area is clear of electrical wires before drilling.
  4. Insert wall plugs.
  5. Reposition your board and fix in position with screws into wall plugs. Cover fixings with corner plugs.

Hope you learnt something from our ‘How to install your whiteboard’ guide if you have any further questions feel free to contact us at any time!

And don’t forget to peel off your Whiteboard’s protective film before you start writing on it!

From the Whiteboards and Pinboards team.