Installation Form

Installation Form

Installation Address

Information to Install the Boards

As per our OH&S policy this information must be completed correctly for the SAFE operating conditions of our installer.

  • There must be a person on site who knows WHERE the boards are to be installed.
  • Our Installer can wait a max of 15 min. There will be an additional charge of $40 + GST per 15 minutes if we do have to wait longer.
  • If you have a piece of furniture that cannot be moved then we need to be sent an image of the area where the board is to be installed. Special equipment or people may be required.


Is Delivery Above Ground Floor?

if YES please understand the following

The OH&S policy of Whiteboards and Pinboards require us to consider the health & safety of our installers when delivering / installing boards, particularly larger sizes


For items to be delivered above the ground floor, we need to know if the goods will fit into a lift. There may be space WITHIN the lift but if we cannot get the item through the lift doors then that particular delivery will probably be unable to occur. The longest board (including the outer carton) that can go into a lift is the diagonal of the LIFT DOOR opening.

Diagonal Measurement = √ H2 + W2

If the board is greater than the diagonal we can deliver to the ground floor only. Once the goods are signed LIFT DOORS for as received in good condition we do not cover any credit for damages etc thereafter.

Fine Print - Please Read

  • Unless specified in the original quote, the installation charge is done on the assumption that the delivery & installation can be effected by (1 or 2) persons
  • Whiteboards & Pinboards will take reasonable care to complete the installation but will not be responsible for the movement of any office furniture & for any damage or scratches that may occur because the work space is not adequate to deliver the boards into a particular room or a restricted space in which to maneuver the board into position.
  • Should there be an unreasonable time delay due to any of the above, Whiteboards & Pinbaords reserve the right to raise an additional charge
  • The installation of the board(s) is warranted against defects for a period of 90 days. Please notifyus for any loose fittings or irregularities. Calls after this time will incur a call out inspection fee and/or a re-installation fee.