Delivery of Large Sized Boards

Large Size Boards

Large Board Delivery Access

The OH&S policy of Whiteboards & Pinboards require us to consider the health & safety of our employees when delivering and installing boards, particularly larger sizes. If you have selected standard delivery for your order, this is a ground-floor delivery service and someone will be required to assist the driver in unloading the board/s.

Lift Access

For items to be delivered above ground floor via a lift/elevator, we need to know if the goods will fit.
The diagonal length of the LIFT DOOR OPENING determines the longest board (including the outer carton) that can fit into that lift.
There may be space WITHIN the lift but if we cannot get the item through the lift doors then that particular delivery is unlikely to be able to occur.
If you need a board that is longer than the diagonal, we will only be able to deliver to the ground floor.

Stair Access

  • We will deliver up two (2) flights of stairs for boards up to 1500x900mm
  • For single flights of stairs (no turning) we should be able to deliver larger sizes
  • Such larger sizes may require more than one (1) person to assist
  • We cannot deliver up fire escape stairs (by law stairs must be kept clear)

There are many types of stairs, this is a guide only. Please contact us on 1300 849 152 if you have any concerns about delivery access.

Important Note

Once the goods are signed for as received in good condition we do not cover any credit for damages etc. thereafter, whether moved by the recipient or a third party.

What you need to do...

I have read the above requirements for delivery of my purchase and I confirm the below: