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Slimline & Frameless Pinboards

Many of our pinboards come in a wide range of colours, allowing them to express your personal or organisational style. Take aesthetics to the next level with our range of Slimline Frame and Frameless Pinboards that feature a sharper, designer look.

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  • Peel ‘n’ Stick Pinnable Acoustic Panels

  • Peel'n'Stick Acoustic Panels Multicolour MultiPack @

    Peel ‘n’ Stick Pinnable Acoustic Panels – MultiColour Multipack

  • Slimline-Acoustic-Pinboard

    Slimline Acoustic Pinboard

    From $430.00$389.00
  • Custom Slimline Frame Krommenie Pinboard

  • Frameless Autex

    Custom Autex Vertiface Frameless Pinboard

  • Slimline Autex Pinboard

    Autex Vertiface Slimline Pinboard

    From $307.00
  • Frameless Autex

    Autex Vertiface Frameless Pinboard

    From $149.00
  • Slimline Suzette

    Slimline Frame Suzette Pinboard

    From $274.00
  • Slimline Red Krommenie

    Slimline Frame Krommenie Pinboard

    From $350.00