From fabric pinboards to cork boards to pinnable acoustic panels, Whiteboards and Pinboards stocks a huge range of quality pin boards online – with fast shipping anywhere in Australia! Shop our wide range of pinboards and pinboard accessories to complete the organisation and functionality of your office space, teaching facility or community centre. Our extensive collection of pinboards offers something for every professional, personal, and educational environment.

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  • Standard Autex

    Autex Vertiface Framed Pinboard

    From $199.00
  • Slimline Autex Pinboard

    Autex Vertiface Slimline Pinboard

    From $368.00$297.00
  • Frameless Autex

    Autex Vertiface Frameless Pinboard

    From $189.00
  • Autex Freestanding Pinboard

    Autex Vertiface Freestanding Pinboard

    From $698.00$629.00
  • Mobile Pinboard

    Autex Vertiface Mobile Pinboard

  • Sale Blue Feltboard on wall with furniture

    Standard Frame Feltboard

    From $109.00$76.30
  • Standard Corkboard

    Standard Frame Corkboard

    From $99.00$79.00
  • Standard Suzette

    Standard Suzette Pinboard

    From $210.00
  • Slimline Suzette

    Slimline Frame Suzette Pinboard

    From $274.00
  • Sale

    Peel ‘n’ Stick Pinnable Acoustic Panels

  • Sale

    Peel ‘n’ Stick Pinnable Acoustic Panels – Bulk Pack

  • Autex Composition Acoustic Fabric

    From $89.00
  • Autex Composition Acoustic Fabric – 25m

    From $2,097.00
  • Autex Symphony Acoustic Wallcovering

    Autex Symphony Acoustic Wallcovering

  • Slimline-Acoustic-Pinboard

    Slimline Acoustic Pinboard

    From $650.00$460.00
  • Mobile Combo Board

    Mobile Combo Board

    From $587.00
  • Standard Feltboard

    Custom Standard Frame Feltboard

  • Standard Autex

    Custom Autex Vertiface Framed Pinboard

  • Slimline Autex Pinboard

    Custom Autex Vertiface Slimline Pinboard

  • Frameless Autex

    Custom Autex Vertiface Frameless Pinboard

  • Slimline-Acoustic-Pinboard

    Custom Slimline Acoustic Pinboard

  • Standard Suzette

    Custom Standard Suzette Pinboard

  • Slimline Suzette

    Custom Slimline Frame Suzette Pinboard

  • Combination Cork and Whiteboard

    Combination Cork and Whiteboard

    From $129.00