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How To Improve The Acoustics Of Your Workplace

It’s no secret that noise levels are one of the most significant factors in employee satisfaction. Loud offices can hinder productivity, increase absenteeism and staff turnover and make for a less enjoyable place to work. One of the most common employee complaints is about excessive noise, and it has the power to turn a productive […]

How To Improve The Acoustics Of Your Classroom

A whirling chorus of keyboard tapping and computer fans intensifies as students hurriedly complete their assignments due later in the afternoon. Those already finished talk and laugh among themselves in small groups, while the teacher raises her voice to tell off two rowdy boys wrestling in the corner. A slightly off-key version of Greensleeves bellows […]

Peel n Stick tiles 2
How To Transform Your Room With Peel ‘n’ Stick Tiles

From education to retail to hospitality, achieving the right level of acoustics is essential in minimising distractions, reducing health risks and increasing learning and productivity. The key to lowering noise levels in busy rooms is reducing the sound that reflects off walls and other objects, also known as echo or reverberation. Installing sound-absorbing material onto […]

Self-healing pinboard
What Is A Self-Healing Pinboard?

The term ‘self-healing’ may conjure images of barefooted yogis holding hands in a seated circle around a salt lamp, but in the realm of pinboards it is one of the most sought-after qualities. Made from a combination of rubber, linseed oil and compressed fibres, Krommenie pinboards are the ultimate surface for strength, durability, and of […]

How To Improve The Acoustics Of Your Restaurant Or Café

Who doesn’t love sitting down to a meal in a fancy restaurant with the dulcet tones of a lawnmower ringing in their ears? In a room with poor acoustics, this isn’t far from the case. Studies show that repeated exposure to a decibel count of 85 or more can have significant detrimental impacts on your […]

Glass whiteboard
Why You Need A Glass Whiteboard In Your Office

What if we told you a whiteboard doesn’t have to be white? Or a board? Traditional whiteboards may be highly practical, but many workplaces are looking for a stylish alternative to better match their modern aesthetic. Glass whiteboards have a sleek, modern look and several advantages over regular whiteboards, making them increasingly popular in offices. […]

5 Uses For A Corkboard In Your Home

A corkboard is not only one of the most effective ways to stay organised and communicate, but is also a great way to express yourself and add character to your home. The natural tone is a calming and visually appealing addition to any room, and the option to cover the board with however you like […]

BenQ Interactive Whiteboard
5 Ways Interactive Whiteboards Can Transform Your Classroom

All of us can remember sitting in class, watching the back of our teacher’s head as they laboriously fill up a board with information you can barely read through sleep-deprived eyes. The attention span of school students is only getting shorter, with iPads and other technology making some traditional teaching methods seem uninteresting and outdated. […]

Naga Glassboards
New NAGA Glassboards range!

The naga glassboards range is perfectly able to adapt to any room in the house. Naga glass-boards are able to withstand water splashes and being super magnetic you don’t have to worry about putting these guys in your kitchen and having them break. Super durable and they also make great knife holders, key holders or little notice […]

whiteboards workplace
Using your whiteboard to increase productivity

Brainstorming – How to facilitate team discussions For team discussions to be effective, different opinions and interpretations must be heard and understood. An effective system to facilitate team discussions is through the use of a whiteboard.   A whiteboard is a great way to organise thoughts and create a visual representation of ideas. Firstly, prepare for […]