3 Tips for a Clever Classroom with BenQ

3 Tips for a Clever Classroom with BenQ

Interactive panels are rapidly appearing in classrooms all across the country. We’ve put together our […]

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Wet Erase Markers vs Dry Erase Markers Cover

Wet Erase Markers vs Dry Erase Markers

Have you just purchased a new whiteboard for your classroom, workplace or home? Congratulations! Whiteboards […]

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8 Office Pinboard Ideas Cover Image

8 Pinboard Ideas to Stay Organised

Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual? Not only […]

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How to Get Permanent Marker off Whiteboard Cover image

How to Get Permanent Marker off Whiteboard Surfaces

Whiteboards are a fantastic tool for collaboration in the workplace, the classroom, restaurants or even […]

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What is autex cover image

What Is Autex? Your Guide to Autex Acoustic Panels

Whether it be from home, within a large building, or something in-between, modern and flexible […]

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Pinboard with prompt text and sticky notes with responses

3 Ways to Improve Workplace Culture Using a Whiteboard or Pinboard

There’s a growing body of evidence that shows how a positive workplace culture leads to […]

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Room Divider Cover Image

How to Divide A Room: 6 Innovative Ways to Divide A Room

Wondering how to divide a room without a permanent wall? It’s a common conundrum that […]

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whiteboard ideas for school & work cover image

The Best Whiteboard Ideas for School & Work

Many classrooms and workspaces feature a whiteboard. Whiteboards can encourage creativity and collaboration in educational […]

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how to clean a chalkboard cover image

How to Clean a Chalkboard – 5 Tips for Keeping Chalkboards Clean

Whether it be in the classroom, the specials board at a restaurant, or in the […]

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Whiteboard vs. Dry Erase Board Cover

Whiteboard Vs. Dry Erase Board – Which is Right for You?

Whiteboards are excellent tools for schools and workplaces. They encourage collaboration and enable classmates and […]

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What Is Flip Chart Presentation Cover Image

What Is Flip Chart Presentation? Using Flip Charts Effectively

While our digital landscape continues to advance, there’s a lot to be said for the […]

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Classroom Bulletin Board Design Cover Image

4 Classroom Bulletin Board Design Ideas to Inspire Learning

One of the biggest challenges that teachers face in classrooms is motivating their students to […]

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