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The Best Whiteboard Ideas for School & Work

Many classrooms and workspaces feature a whiteboard. Whiteboards can encourage creativity and collaboration in educational and business environments. What’s often not as well recognised is the versatile uses of whiteboards in various settings. Let’s talk about whiteboard ideas for school and work. Whilst whiteboards are fantastic tools for both school and working environments, this article […]

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How to Clean a Chalkboard – 5 Tips for Keeping Chalkboards Clean

Whether it be in the classroom, the specials board at a restaurant, or in the kids’ bedroom at home, chalkboards are a fun and creative way of playing, planning, learning and communicating. However, chalkboards can also be a hassle to clean. Many know of and have experienced the countless attempts of cleaning dusty erasers and […]

Whiteboard vs. Dry Erase Board Cover
Whiteboard Vs. Dry Erase Board – Which is Right for You?

Whiteboards are excellent tools for schools and workplaces. They encourage collaboration and enable classmates and colleagues alike to share important information and learnings. If you’re looking to replace an old whiteboard or are looking for a new whiteboard option, you may have seen the term “dry erase board”. Our team are frequently asked, “what is […]

What Is Flip Chart Presentation Cover Image
What Is Flip Chart Presentation? Using Flip Charts Effectively

While our digital landscape continues to advance, there’s a lot to be said for the trusty traditional communication tools that have gotten us where we are today. Your colleagues and classmates may be more interested in creating PowerPoint presentations; however, the flip chart is one presentation tool that continues to provide an exceptional resource for […]

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4 Classroom Bulletin Board Design Ideas to Inspire Learning

One of the biggest challenges that teachers face in classrooms is motivating their students to learn. Distracted and disinterested students can be unsettling for other children and can lead to them feeling reluctant to engage and participate in classroom activities. There are many ways that teachers can foster a positive learning environment, and one of […]

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5 Tips for Where to Place Acoustic Panels in Rooms

If you’ve recently invested in some acoustic materials, working out where to place acoustic panels in rooms can be quite difficult and daunting. You have probably just gone through the entire process of finding out which acoustic materials you require, and now you need to place and install the panels. If you’re considering where to […]

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Choosing the Best Whiteboard Material for Your Space

When choosing the best whiteboard material for your space, it’s important to consider each surface available, their qualities and which style is best suited to your whiteboard requirements. Traditionally, whiteboards only came in one material and style – enamelled steel. However, today, whiteboards are available in a wide range of materials, surfaces and varieties, which […]

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6 Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards in the Primary Classroom

Interactive whiteboards in primary and secondary educational facilities are quickly replacing blackboards, whiteboards and projectors for classroom lessons. The impressive flexibility, functionality and level of access that comes with interactive whiteboard teaching mean that smart boards and interactive whiteboards are only increasing in popularity among educators, teachers and schools. Apart from the obvious advantages that […]

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Office Partitioning: 5 Ways to Use Office Partitions for Efficiency

Office partitioning is an essential part of any modern workplace. Collaboration and communication are elemental to running a successful business; however, this means today’s offices are often noisy and full of distractions. There may come times when work doesn’t require collaboration and communication but needs some peace and quiet (which can be hard to come […]

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Are Chalkboards Still Used in Schools? Advantages of Chalkboards

While many chalkboards have been replaced by their newer, sleeker, whiteboard counterparts, there are still many advantages of chalkboard use in the classroom. Chalkboards and blackboards are traditional communication tools that offer a fun and functional way to facilitate lessons in schools and educational spaces.  The use of chalkboards kicked off the collaborative learning movement, […]

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8 Creative Ways to Use A Letter Board in Your Home

Looking for some letter board ideas for home décor? You’ve come to the right place. Whiteboards and Pinboards are Australia’s leading supplier of letterboards and letterboard accessories. When it comes to creative ways to use a letter board, we’ve seen and helped our customers in commercial, residential and hospitality spaces to make chic and functional […]

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How to Reduce Noise in Small Offices: Your Guide to Office Acoustics

Wondering how to reduce noise in small office spaces? You’ve come to the right place. As the leading experts in office and educational acoustics, we know how to reduce noise in small office spaces without encroaching on space. We’ve broken down all of the innovative ways that small office spaces and open-plan layout commercial spaces […]