Wet Erase Markers vs Dry Erase Markers Cover
Wet Erase Markers vs Dry Erase Markers

Have you just purchased a new whiteboard for your classroom, workplace or home? Congratulations! Whiteboards are a fantastic tool to inspire collaboration, creativity and organisation. Now you’ve got to decide, Wet Erase Markers vs Dry Erase Markers: which one is best for me? There are two types of whiteboard markers: wet and dry erase markers. […]

Office Pinboard Ideas Cover
8 Pinboard Ideas to Stay Organised

Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual? Not only that, but the human brain can process images 60,000 times faster than we do with text. Humans are undoubtedly visual creatures; as they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Pinboards allow for a visual representation of messages, either […]

How to Get Permanent Marker off Whiteboard Cover image
How to Get Permanent Marker off Whiteboard Surfaces

Whiteboards are a fantastic tool for collaboration in the workplace, the classroom, restaurants or even for chore lists at home. Whiteboards inspire productivity and are a creative way of brainstorming, communicating or playing. However, nothing feels worse than that sinking feeling of picking up the eraser, only to realise you’ve used permanent marker on the whiteboard. […]

what is autex cover image
What Is Autex? Your Guide to Autex Acoustic Panels

Whether it be from home, within a large building, or something in-between, modern and flexible office spaces can suffer from noise pollution if they are not adequately insulated. Open-plan workspaces are excellent for creating welcoming environments and encouraging collaboration among colleagues. However, an open-plan working environment’s downfall is the distracting sounds and visuals exhibited by […]

3 Ways to Improve Workplace Culture Using a Whiteboard or Pinboard

There’s a growing body of evidence that shows how a positive workplace culture leads to higher levels of satisfaction and engagement among employees, and that this benefits employers through increases in productivity, innovation, and the bottom line. A poor workplace culture, on the other hand, can result in disengaged employees, high staff turnover and reduced […]

how to divide a room cover image
How to Divide A Room: 6 Innovative Ways to Divide A Room

Wondering how to divide a room without a permanent wall? It’s a common conundrum that most of us have faced in one way or another: You’re either mapping out your new living space, trying to maximise space in your office, or need to divide a classroom. Figuring out how to divide a room without a […]

whiteboard ideas for school & work cover image
The Best Whiteboard Ideas for School & Work

Many classrooms and workspaces feature a whiteboard. Whiteboards can encourage creativity and collaboration in educational and business environments. What’s often not as well recognised is the versatile uses of whiteboards in various settings. Let’s talk about whiteboard ideas for school and work. Whilst whiteboards are fantastic tools for both school and working environments, this article […]

how to clean a chalkboard cover image
How to Clean a Chalkboard – 5 Tips for Keeping Chalkboards Clean

Whether it be in the classroom, the specials board at a restaurant, or in the kids’ bedroom at home, chalkboards are a fun and creative way of playing, planning, learning and communicating. However, chalkboards can also be a hassle to clean. Many know of and have experienced the countless attempts of cleaning dusty erasers and […]

Whiteboard vs. Dry Erase Board Cover
Whiteboard Vs. Dry Erase Board – Which is Right for You?

Whiteboards are excellent tools for schools and workplaces. They encourage collaboration and enable classmates and colleagues alike to share important information and learnings. If you’re looking to replace an old whiteboard or are looking for a new whiteboard option, you may have seen the term “dry erase board”. Our team are frequently asked, “what is […]

What Is Flip Chart Presentation Cover Image
What Is Flip Chart Presentation? Using Flip Charts Effectively

While our digital landscape continues to advance, there’s a lot to be said for the trusty traditional communication tools that have gotten us where we are today. Your colleagues and classmates may be more interested in creating PowerPoint presentations; however, the flip chart is one presentation tool that continues to provide an exceptional resource for […]

Classroom Bulletin Board Design Cover Image
4 Classroom Bulletin Board Design Ideas to Inspire Learning

One of the biggest challenges that teachers face in classrooms is motivating their students to learn. Distracted and disinterested students can be unsettling for other children and can lead to them feeling reluctant to engage and participate in classroom activities. There are many ways that teachers can foster a positive learning environment, and one of […]

Where to Place Acoustic Panels in Rooms Cover Image
5 Tips for Where to Place Acoustic Panels in Rooms

If you’ve recently invested in some acoustic materials, working out where to place acoustic panels in rooms can be quite difficult and daunting. You have probably just gone through the entire process of finding out which acoustic materials you require, and now you need to place and install the panels. If you’re considering where to […]

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