The boardroom in GHD’s Brisbane office was enhanced with the addition of glass whiteboards, which were painted to exactly match the existing wall paint.

Mt Ommaney Fire Station

We decked out the new building at Mt Ommaney Fire Station with a range of stylish and practical communication solutions.

Mirvac Building Install
Mirvac Ann Street

The kitchen and meeting room at Mirvac’s Brisbane offices are comprised of hard surfaces like glass, polished concrete, granite and plasterboard – which are visually striking but conducive to sound reverberating around rooms.

Waterford West State School

For this unique installation at Waterford West Preschool, we custscut Peel ‘n’ Stick tiles to perfectly fit storage doors.

BDO Glass Whiteboard
BDO Glass Whiteboards

Acrylic whiteboards in 3 of BDO’s meeting rooms had become discoloured over time, so we suggested Frameless Glass Whiteboards to ensure a fresh look for years to come.

Wilsonton Primary School
Wilsonton Primary School

Wilsonton Primary School were seeking a solution to classroom echo that they could easily install, would look good and make for a more pleasant learning environment.

Kingston State School

We worked with Kingston State School to help improve the acoustics across four classrooms and one flexible learning area.

Bayside Special School

Bayside Special School were having problems with reverberated noise in their multipurpose room, so we worked with them to brainstorm an effective solution.

Centre for Allied Health 1
Centre for Integrated Health – Sunshine Coast

This rapidly expanding health and wellness clinic was experiencing noise transference from their consulting rooms to the waiting rooms.

Durack Primary School Autex Composition
Durack Primary School

Special needs children can be particularly susceptible to noise distractions, so Durack Primary School were looking for a way to reduce reverberation in their dedicated special needs room.

Musgrave Hill State School - Autex and Whiteboards
Musgrave Hill State School

Musgrave Hill State School needed a way to overcome very poor sound quality in their assembly halls and general learning areas.

SGC Media Autex Quietspace Panel
SGC Media

SGC Media moved their office into a beautiful renovated Salvation Army Chapel that provided the open layout they were after, but the hard surfaces and large spaces resulted in poor acoustics.