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Porcelain Whiteboards

Porcelain Whiteboards feature a heavy-duty baked ceramic surface that is highly resistant to damage and wear and tear, and more resistant than a normal whiteboard to staining and ghosting. If you are looking for the best quality standard whiteboard that will offer a great writing experience for years to come, Porcelain is for you. Furthermore, their matte finish gives them great readability and makes them perfect for use with projectors.

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  • Standard Commercial Whiteboard

    Porcelain Whiteboard

    From $145.00$122.00
  • Silver Slimline Whiteboard

    Slimline Frame Porcelain Whiteboard

    From $299.00
  • Large Commercial Mobile Whiteboard

    Magnetic Porcelain Mobile Whiteboard

    From $684.00$560.00
  • Porcelain Music Planner Whiteboard

    Porcelain Music Whiteboard

    From $556.00
  • Aspen – Vertical sliding Whiteboard

    Aspen Vertical Sliding Whiteboard

  • Projection Porcelain Whiteboards

    Projection Porcelain Whiteboard

    From $469.00
  • Projection Slimline Frame Whiteboard

    Slimline Frame Projection Whiteboard

    From $788.00
  • Standard Commercial Whiteboard

    Custom Porcelain Whiteboard

  • Silver Slimline Whiteboard

    Custom Slimline Frame Porcelain Whiteboard

  • Framed Porcelain Blackboard

    Framed Porcelain Blackboard

    From $255.00