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BQH staff had become aware of reverberation issues in the office. They found that after long meetings they felt distracted, tired and worn out. The large meeting room features glass and exposed brick linings, while the small meeting room has solid concrete walls and ceilings – all highly reflective surfaces that are prone to create echo.


Working alongside Autex Account Manager Dani Robinson, BQH Director Patrick Hanlon and Quantity Surveyor Thomas Oosterhof sought out a high-performing yet cost-effective acoustic treatment for the two meeting rooms. Quietspace® Lattice acoustic baffles were ideal as they require minimal installation time while providing a high-performing yet cost-effective acoustic solution.

Two Trapezium style Quietspace® Lattice were suspended end on end from the ceiling, adding a sophisticated and functional feature to the large meeting room. For increased acoustic absorption, two aluminium trimmed Quietspace® Panels laminated in Charcoal and Silver coloured Vertiface® decorative fabric were directly fixed along the length of the meeting room wall.

The smaller meeting room was more difficult to treat due to insufficient wall and ceiling space. Circular in shape and small in size, one Torus style Quietspace® Lattice was the ideal acoustic solution to complement and improve the exiting space. Suspended directly above the meeting table, the Ironbank coloured Torus would provide acoustic shelter for smaller, intimate meetings.


BQH are over the moon with the results, and meetings in the large meeting room have become a lot more bearable and efficient. As for the small meeting room, a significant difference was made to noise reverberation levels, making it suitable for small meetings of 2-3 people.

Post-installation, the acoustic applications are performing so well that staff have starting noticing that other areas of the office would benefit from acoustic treatment.

Quietspace® Lattice is a modern and distinctive approach to sustainable acoustic control. Light-weight and easy to install; Quietspace® Lattice provides a unique suspended acoustic feature – perfect for retrofit projects or where ceiling space is an issue.

Quietspace Panel is a lightweight, semi-rigid acoustic panel that boasts exceptional acoustic absorption properties and is incredibly durable. The addition of a coloured Vertiface laminate adds to the overall look of the Quietspace Panel and transforms the application into an acoustic pinboard, making it a popular option for educational environments, commercial offices and more.

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