Which board surface best suits my needs?


Our boards are available in a variety of different writing surfaces to suit various applications and frequency of use. It’s important to choose the correct surface for your task in order to meet your expectationsGlass Whiteboards are constructed with tempered glass making them 8 times stronger than standard glass. This surface is extremely stain resistant and consequently recommended for heavy use. Due to the durability of this surface these boards come with a lifetime warranty. Porcelain boards have a vitreous enamel surface which are highly scratch resistant. These boards are recommended for heavy writing uses and are ideal for schools, higher education facilities and conference centres. Projection Porcelain boards are also vitreous enamel but this surface is also embedded with mica crystals to assist in better viewing when used with projectors. The surface is a matte finish and requires a wet wipe for clean up. These boards are recommended as guide, for 80% projection and 20% writing use. Standard Commercial boards are constructed with multiple layers of painted steel with a baked on white top coat. These surfaces are not as hard as a vitreous enamel finish and therefore may be scratched. For this reason, these boards are recommended for moderate use applications.