Office Partitioning: 5 Ways to Use Office Partitions for Efficiency

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Office partitioning is an essential part of any modern workplace. Collaboration and communication are elemental to running a successful business; however, this means today’s offices are often noisy and full of distractions. There may come times when work doesn’t require collaboration and communication but needs some peace and quiet (which can be hard to come by in today’s open-plan office layouts). This is where office partitioning comes into play. Office partitions and portable room dividers can be rolled out and moved around the office to create temporary private and sectioned off areas.

Office partitions offer private areas where employees can escape the disruptions and general noise of an office and get down to work. What’s more, office partitions provide the opportunity to divide up the modern open-plan layout, making the area more flexible, adaptable and agile. Here are 5 ways to use office partitions to increase efficiency in the workplace:

5 Ways to Use Office Partitions 

1. Use Partitions to Create an Office Layout

Office partitioning can impact the flow of your office layout. If you want to improve the functionality of your office, you can use office partitioning to increase flow between teams and employees to promote productivity and office functionality.

If teams are in constant communication and work together regularly, the office layout needs to reflect this, and there should be a direct pathway between them. If teams aren’t communicating often, then office dividers would be beneficial to reduce distractions.

Mobile office partition systems allow the space to enjoy the structure of an open plan layout and all the benefits that come with it; including natural lighting, while giving temporary relief from noise and distractions. You may not want to section off every part of your office through its layout and therefore require temporary solutions that work with you and the design.

2. Partitions Can Add to Aesthetics

When we think of traditional office partitioning systems or cubicles, it isn’t necessarily a pretty picture. The first thing that comes to mind is drab and dull colours that don’t inspire enthusiasm or reflect modern office aesthetics. As surprising as it may be, office partition systems actually come in a large variety of colours, materials, shapes and sizes that can add to the offices’ aesthetics as opposed to obstructing them.

The styling of your office partitioning systems impacts the look and feel of your office – that’s why we often dread the dullness of traditional office set-ups. Office aesthetics can severely influence the productivity of employees and is, therefore, important when it comes to office performance. That’s why the colour choices of your office furniture and dividers is a big decision. Besides the impact on aesthetics, colour can change the mood of a space. Dark colours can make a room feel small and claustrophobic, while bright and vibrant colours promote creativity, and soft or cool colours can be soothing and relaxing. The colour you choose for office partitioning should match the working atmosphere, and its purpose.

3. Use Partitions to Designate Spaces

Where open plan offices are great for creating collaborative workspaces, they often support a large amount of noise and distractions. Office partitioning allows for the creation of designated spaces, that offer refuge from the hustle of the rest of the office. Some tasks only require an email as opposed to a conversation; many projects require more concentration than others that may be hindered by noise and distractions. In many instances, a joint project may require brainstorming or private discussions that can cause distractions and noise to the rest of the office.

Office partitioning allows for designated workspaces that can be specific to particular work or tasks. When creating boundaries between work stations, you can section off areas for individual employees or meeting areas. Individual workspaces allow employees to focus and concentrate without the disruptions of the rest of the office. In contrast, sectioning off communal workspaces centres noise and distractions to a specific area, saving the rest of the office from disruption.

4. Partitions Minimise Disruptions

As mentioned above, disruptions can come in the form of noise or visual distractions. Office disruptions impact productivity and these disruptions are amplified in open-plan layouts. In such cases, mobile office partitioning is often the perfect solution. This way, you can avoid redesigning your office altogether by minimising both visual and noise disruptions through different office partitioning systems.

In other cases, you might want to opt for glass partitions as they can reduce noise. At the same time, you can achieve the allusion of an open plan office with glass. However, glass partitions will not minimise visual distractions, and acoustic dividers may be your best option to minimise both noise and visual disruptions.

5. Create Private Spaces with Dividers

Giving employees their own private space by office partitioning is one way to increase office productivity. Not only does privacy reduce distractions, but dividers also give employees their own space in the office that they can decorate, feel comfortable and be happy. Office partitioning gives employees an area in an office that they can claim as their own, giving them a sense of belonging and further increasing productivity at work.

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Autex Veritface Mobile Pinboards are a very practical office partitioning tool. The double-sided pinboard surface makes it ideal for areas or spaces that require communication. The pinnable Autex surface allows for notes and reminders that employees can leave on either side of the partition while providing office acoustic enhancing features.

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Our acoustic dividers are great for reducing noise within busy offices. The screens work together and absorb up to 85% of ambient noise, making them ideal if you need to create a quiet and productive area in the office. Our acoustic dividers are also tall enough to create a visual barrier, further reducing distractions when used in a specific area.

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