What Is A Self-Healing Pinboard?

Self-healing pinboard

The term ‘self-healing’ may conjure images of barefooted yogis holding hands in a seated circle around a salt lamp, but in the realm of pinboards it is one of the most sought-after qualities.

Made from a combination of rubber, linseed oil and compressed fibres, Krommenie pinboards are the ultimate surface for strength, durability, and of course, the unique self-healing properties which keep it looking new into the future.

The composition of the materials means that after removing a pin, the hole will fill itself back in almost instantly to leave no trace of use. As well as maintaining a fresh look, this means that Krommenie also retains its grip and doesn’t crumble like traditional soft boards.

On top of this, Krommenie helps to prevent the spread of harmful germs thanks its bacteriostatic and dust-resistant properties. This makes it a safe and practical solution for a variety of settings including classrooms, healthcare facilities and workplaces.

Our Krommenie pinboards are easily washable, antistatic and available in a range of 15 stylish colours to suit your space, as well as standard or slimline frames.

In the spirit of full disclosure, launching a Krommenie pinboard from a cannon into an active volcano may test the limits of its self-healing properties, but the numerous advantages of the Krommenie surface are no less impressive.

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