The Best Whiteboard Ideas for School & Work

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Many classrooms and workspaces feature a whiteboard. Whiteboards can encourage creativity and collaboration in educational and business environments. What’s often not as well recognised is the versatile uses of whiteboards in various settings. Let’s talk about whiteboard ideas for school and work.

Whilst whiteboards are fantastic tools for both school and working environments, this article will cover some ideas that stretch beyond the typical use of whiteboards. The expert team at Whiteboards and pinboards will discuss several things to do on a whiteboard that suit both school and business environments.

First, we’ll look at the best whiteboard ideas for school. We’ll then take a look at some business whiteboard ideas better suited to the workplace. Ultimately, we want to give you, our readers, inspiration for ways that you can use your whiteboard to engage with students and colleagues effectively.

Whiteboard Ideas for School Students

Whiteboards can be used effectively in classrooms to keep the class orderly and organised. Classroom whiteboards help outline daily tasks or priorities, track milestone tasks progress, or use monthly calendars.

Sure, whiteboards are fantastic tools to use in the classroom to keep your students (and parents, for that matter) organised and involved in school activities. A whiteboard also provides students with a visual cue for learning, which can be beneficial for visual learners or students with learning difficulties. But have you considered how whiteboard ideas for school students can be used to have some fun with your students?

Fun whiteboard games are one of our favourite whiteboard ideas for school environments, in particular primary school. Just because you’re having a bit of fun doesn’t mean your students can’t still be learning. Games like dictation race or hangman can be played on a whiteboard and help children learn how to spell and form sentence structures. Magnetic tic tac toe can is excellent for classroom environments to help students tap into a more analytical or strategic part of their brain.

Beyond learning, fun whiteboard games encourage quieter students to speak up in a more casual environment and enhance collaboration. It can help make the learning process more fun. In addition to fun tasks, whiteboards help teachers keep their lessons structured and monthly milestones on track.

Whiteboard Games for High School Students

High school students can be challenging to engage and even harder to entertain! A great way to break down barriers and capture students’ attention is to introduce whiteboard games for high school students.

Jeopardy is one of the most popular board games that are challenging and a lot of fun, even for the most disengaged students. But did you know you can play Jeopardy on a classroom whiteboard? Simply draw a grid on the whiteboard and apply higher points to the more challenging questions, with fewer points allocated to more straightforward questions. The bigger the grid, the more topics you can cover! The best bit is that teachers can tailor the topics of Jeopardy to the current learning curriculum. It’s a fantastic way to make revision of topics fun before an upcoming test.

Looking just to have fun with the students you’re teaching? There’s nothing wrong with that now and then! There are several games that a whiteboard can facilitate that simply encourage high school students to switch off for a break. Games like Pictionary, charades and celebrity heads are relatively universal and don’t require extensive explanation.

The benefit of using a whiteboard for games among high school students is that it can help teachers to engage with students on a level that isn’t as formal as traditional learning. Whiteboards in classrooms can enhance the level of communication between the teacher and students that may struggle with communication and communication and teamwork among the students themselves. Additionally, it gives students a break from their technological devices that are now prevalent in learning.

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Business Whiteboard Ideas

It’s not uncommon to see a whiteboard used in business settings. Whiteboards have several benefits for those within the workplace, including better communication, shared messages or to celebrate small wins. They also provide a way to structure ideas and share key points with colleagues.

One of our favourite business whiteboard ideas includes brainstorming board sessions. Brainstorming board sessions allow ideas to be shared and organised on the fly during important business meetings. Brainstorming board sessions help decision-makers receive the input of all team members participating in the session. Part of the reason for having a team is to ensure that individuals with different specialties and perspectives can contribute to business ideas. Holding a brainstorming session with your team allows collaboration and sharing of unique skills to flow seamlessly on a particular topic.

Another excellent task to use a whiteboard for a business setting is to use the whiteboard as a critical path or calendar schedule. Critical path milestones are the best way for businesses to identify team members accountable for different tasks and identify at a glance when they are due. Whiteboards encourage teamwork and collaborative input, so using the whiteboard as a progress snapshot of crucial deadlines and team milestones is a great way to support one another and celebrate success.

Buying Whiteboards for School and Work

We hope you’ve found this article on whiteboard ideas for school and work useful in formulating alternate ideas for using whiteboards in these different environments. Whiteboards are a cost-effective way to share and collaborate with your classroom or colleagues. No matter where whiteboards belong, we are confident that whiteboards can add value to most educational or business applications.

Now that we’ve covered several things to do on a whiteboard, you may be looking to invest in one of these tools for your classroom or workspace! As Australia’s leading supplier of whiteboards, Whiteboards and Pinboards are experts on the benefits of adding a whiteboard to your working or educational environments. Shop Whiteboards online at Whiteboards & Pinboards today.

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