5 Uses For A Corkboard In Your Home

A corkboard is not only one of the most effective ways to stay organised and communicate, but is also a great way to express yourself and add character to your home. The natural tone is a calming and visually appealing addition to any room, and the option to cover the board however you like gives you endless possibilities. Here are five ways that you can utilise a corkboard in your home.

Display notices/messages

From busy families and share houses to couples and singles, communication is key to staying organised and avoiding misunderstandings. Corkboards are a perfect way to hold shopping lists, schedules, calendars, messages – just about anything! Pin bills and letters straight to the board for everyone to see, or leave a ‘friendly’ note to remind housemates that bathrooms don’t clean themselves!

Mood Board

Whether you’re working in a creative industry or just looking for some general inspiration, a mood board is a great way to collate ideas. Anything you want can be included on a mood board to convey a general theme or idea, including pictures, words and objects. Using a corkboard like this is a great way to plan your next holiday or business venture, or simply collate some of your favourite quotes and images.

Hold Important Items

From keys and stationery to notepads, clocks and even cutlery, a corkboard is one of the most versatile and stylish space-saving solutions for your home. Mount it in the kitchen or living room as a central spot for important items.

Make A Striking Art Display

Not only are corkboards highly functional, they are a great way to make your own personalised artistic display. Pin fabrics, photos and other artwork to the board, or hang jewellery and other items to make a striking visual display.

Family Display Board

Keep the fridge door uncluttered and make a dedicated space for those artworks, report cards and certificates that your kids are so proud of. Bonus tip to avoid piercing important photos and papers: glue pins to the back of clothes pegs for a gentler way to hold items.

Our range of environmentally friendly corkboards are made with quality materials and available with different frame styles and custom sizes, allowing you to create the perfect board for your home!

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