4 Classroom Bulletin Board Design Ideas to Inspire Learning

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One of the biggest challenges that teachers face in classrooms is motivating their students to learn. Distracted and disinterested students can be unsettling for other children and can lead to them feeling reluctant to engage and participate in classroom activities.

There are many ways that teachers can foster a positive learning environment, and one of those ways is to create a classroom bulletin board design. There are a plethora of creative display board ideas on the internet to keep teachers up to date and informed with excellent classroom board ideas. Placing effort and showing enthusiasm for your classroom will rub off on the children too!

Classroom Bulletin Board Design

The look and feel of the classroom will depend on many factors, including the age of the children at the school, student’s interests and hobbies, the diversity in the school, and the way you want your personality and enthusiasm for learning to show. The experts at Whiteboards & Pinboards have come up with four types of classroom bulletin boards that are designed to stimulate students.

1. Class Notice Board

Before we get into the creative display board ideas for classroom bulletin board design, let’s start with the basics. A class notice board is essential in every classroom. Class notice boards act as a reminder for annual milestones and events that will directly impact the classroom.

They’re excellent for maintaining the priorities of children, teachers and parents. Class notice boards are best placed close to the classroom door (usually just outside of the door), so that parents managing a busy drop off can gather a quick snapshot of upcoming events. Class notice boards encourage children to keep organised and help everyone to keep track of critical milestones.

Class Notice Board Ideas

The key to delivering a successful class notice board is to promote the key milestones and events so that they take up a majority of the board space. That way, a busy parent, passing student or swamped teacher can see all the important events and milestones at a glance.

A weather-resistant display case is a perfect display for class notice boards that are on display outside of the classroom in un-sheltered areas. If you’ve got a simple message to convey and want your classroom to be a little more stylish, a glass display board is excellent for displaying essential documents and can be mounted to any wall surface.

2. Displaying Student Work in The Classroom

There’s one thing that most students love and crave the most in a classroom environment – recognition for the tasks or assignments that they are proud to have completed. Displaying student work in the classroom is a way to recognise students for their work and can inspire passion within them to continue learning and maintain their efforts.

Examples of Classroom Displays that Display Student Work

Many teachers use pinboards to display student work. Whiteboards & Pinboards offer an A-Frame Display Board that features a snap-shut aluminium frame so student work can be effortlessly rotated to ensure that everyone gets a turn throughout the year. It features a glare-free PVC clear covering, so it’s fantastic for displays outside of the classroom.

3. Themed Display Boards for the Classroom

Themed classroom display boards can be utilised to creatively and visually represent topics that students have been learning. From shapes to planets, a themed display board is perfect for capturing the attention and imagination of visual learners, making the content feel more exciting and engaging.

Examples of Themed Display Board

A lockable Hinged Door Display Frame is suitable for internal and external use, so there’s the option to display content the students are learning outside of the classroom too. Otherwise, a Snap Frame Display Case is a versatile and straightforward way to display content the classroom is learning. The corners snap open and shut, which allows teachers to easily change the content within the display according to classroom topics.

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4. Rewards Boards

Rewarding and celebrating the achievements and behaviours of students is a way of reinforcing and encouraging positive behaviour and fostering a positive learning environment. Students can be rewarded for a variety of actions, including completing assignments and being active participants in classroom activities.

The most typical way that this through a reward chart that can be broken up by behaviours or academic achievements.

Examples of Classroom Displays that Reward Student Behaviour

One idea for the Rewards Classroom Boards is to use Whiteboards & Pinboards’ Sliding Door Display Case, which is available in natural cork, felt or krommenie pinnable backings, so you can easily customise the way the board looks. If you already have a reward chart, simply select a design that will fit the chart, and lock it for safekeeping.

Another option for the reward classroom board is a high quality pinboard; a simple board that can be used as a leader or tally board for students who are being rewarded for positive behaviours. Those who are leading the board can have fun finding the letters for their names, and the corresponding numbers or symbols to match their rewards points.

Implementing the Classroom Bulletin Board Design

Creating a classroom bulletin board design can be a fun activity for the whole class to get involved in. Building a classroom bulletin board as a class activity can encourage students to collaborate and contribute ideas to a classroom discussion. At the same time, it can teach students to compromise on ideas that create the display.

The outcome? This activity can help students feel in control of their learning environment and feel as though they are making a valuable contribution to their classroom. However, be sure to moderate the discussion closely to ensure that all students are heard – not just a particular few loud voices.

Although it may seem trivial, classroom bulletin board design is a significant aspect of every classroom. Every student is different and should have a variety of stimulus in the classroom to pique their interest and keep them motivated to come to school and learn. Teachers can draw inspiration from creative display board ideas from other teachers via your school network or the internet. The trick is to keep it fresh and engaging for students.

Whiteboards & Pinboards are the experts in educational resources and supplies. We are passionate about providing teachers with the equipment to deliver exceptional learning environments with a variety of whiteboards and display cases at affordable prices. To learn more about the range, head over to our range of the full range of boards suitable for use in the classroom. Want more inspiration for the classroom? Check out our education hub for more teaching products and online resources.

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