How To Transform Your Room With Peel ‘n’ Stick Tiles

Peel n Stick 12

From education to retail to hospitality, achieving the right level of acoustics is essential in minimising distractions, reducing health risks and increasing learning and productivity.

The key to lowering noise levels in busy rooms is reducing the sound that reflects off walls and other objects, also known as echo or reverberation.

Installing sound-absorbing material onto your wall can have a huge impact on reducing the overall decibel count of your classroom, office or hospitality area.

Unfortunately, sound-proofing can involve complex installations of products that are so impractical and visually cumbersome it discourages people from addressing their sound problem.

Peel ‘n’ Stick Tiles are the latest product shaking up the acoustic game, offering a super simple and stylish way to reduce reverberation in any room.

As well as absorbing noise and reducing echo, Peel ‘n’ Stick tiles have several advantages which make them the easiest solution for optimising acoustics:

Easy to install

As the name suggests, simply peel the film off the back and stick to your wall! No adhesives, screwing, drilling or handywork required!

Stylish design

Who said acoustics have to be hidden? Bring your sound-reducing material front-and-centre with a range of bright colours to match any room! If you’re after more subtlety, choose a stylish and more subdued colour.

Environmentally friendly

It is important to think about where your acoustic materials are sourced. Peel ‘n’ Stick tiles are made from 90% recycled materials – predominately old milk bottles compressed for superior sound absorption.

Highly functional

The tiles are covered in a Vertiface polyester surface, which is Velcro-receptive and can also be used as a pinboard. It is super low maintenance and easy to clean – a light vacuuming every now and then will prevent dust building up and most stains are easily cleaned with detergent.

Can be cut to size

Working around tricky spaces and obstacles like glass windows, wall-length desks, whiteboards and cupboards is easy with Peel ‘n’ Stick, which can be cut-to-size to suit your room.

If you’re looking to reduce reverberation in your school, office or hospitality space, then look no further than the super simple and effective Peel ‘n’ Stick panels!

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